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-Pastor Chimain Douglas is such a blessing to our Ministry.  She came in and taught about the Power and Anointing of the Holy Spirit in such a way that our members begin to want to take their walk with God to a HIGHER LEVEL, by tuning into the HOLY SPIRIT!  We are now pastoring a mature congregation that understands the true meaning of the FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT!
- Pastor George & Tanya Lawrence, New Breed Ministries.

-Chimain Douglas laid hands on five women at my home who wanted to have children, but could not due to medical reasons,  She prophesized that all five women would conceive within that same year.  All 5 women conceived in that same year and all delivered healthy children.  The Lord moved mightily through Chimain on that day and it was definitely proof that God hears our prayers!
- Pam Douglas

-I attended Minister Douglas' prayer service held on Feb 5, 2011.  She is a Holy Spirit filled woman of GOD who is passionate about helping others go to another level in God.  Minister Douglas has such a witty yet serious style as she delivers her message, allowing all who hear it to understand and thirst for more.  I encourage you to attend one of her next services.  I am a witness that you will not leave the way you came!  -Janina Walton, Wise Wealthy Women Organization

-Chimain, you have been an absolute blessing to me since we started working together. When I first saw you the Spirit said "help her", but little did I know you were helping me!  I always prayed for God to send me someone that could push me into my destiny and he sent you.  I asked you to pray that God would send me a Godly husband, but that particular day the Spirit would not let you pray for a husband , He told you to pray for my ministry to come forward first.  You were obedient to the Spirit of God.  You laid hands and prophesized over me and I fell out in the Spirit and every since that day, I have never been the same.  God has taken me to another level and I am on fire for the Lord.  He has taken me into the deep treasures of His Word and given me boldness like never before.  Because of your obedience, I am on my road to my destiny.  The blessing did not stop there, when you came over to my house (you did not know that my son did drugs), but you prayed that God would take the taste out of his mouth for drugs.  Well, I am here to say that the taste is gone, he has been delivered, he's drug free (within 6 months of your prophecy).  He's Drug Free.  Praise the Lord!!!
-Prophetess/Minister, Teretha Harris, Multi-Millionaire for the Kingdom

-Chimain has truly helped me develop my relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Her teaching is sincere.  Her passion for the things of God is authentic and is obvious in her daily life.  I have been blessed by the Ministry and would encourage anyone who is looking to move to another level with God to come to one of her services. 
"You will not be the same"
- Wallette V. McCall - Another Level Coaching, LLC

-I have known Chimain Douglas for more than 20 years, and her ministry has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family.  God has anointed Chimain with a special gift to see the impossible and make it a reality.  Through her years as my friend and counselor, God has allowed her to show me His awesome power and how He can bring healing and wholeness to any circumstances.  Her love for God and her desire to see His people free are truly anointed by the Holy Spirit.
- Dr. LaVonne V. Hester-Smith, Ph.D.

-Chimain Douglas Ministries has been a tremendous blessing to me.  I have seen the power of God move in her life and how she has touched so many lives.  She is a truly anointed woman of God ordained to spread God's Word.  Over the years, I have seen her grow into a powerful woman of God that teaches the Word with understanding.  She has such a strong compassion to see people come to Christ and live a productive Christian life that will edify the body of Christ.  Her gift and anointing have inspired me and impacted my life in so many ways. Her motto has always been to "teach the people and set them free from bondage"
 - Minister Nathaniel Hackett, Lakewin Christian Center

-Minister Douglas is an awesome woman of God!  She radically ministers the Word of God and truly touches the untouched with her message from the Lord to set His people free from bondage financially and spiritually!  She is genuinely affecting the Kingdom without compromise of character as she speaks transparently.  She is truly changing the lives of God's people
- Tomicka Yates, Christian Women's Investment Association

-I have known Minister Douglas for 30 years and I can truly say that to know her is to love her.  She is a woman of faith, hope, love, and integrity.  Minister Douglas has been summoned by God to deliver such a word in her bible studies, conferences, and other speaking engagements have enhanced all of our lives, and no matter what she faces, her unshaken faith continues to say, "I've got to tell the people what thus saith the Lord"
- Darlene Caffey, Destiny Production and Publishing Co.

-Chimain, I can't thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for me.  You literally saved my life by sticking with me all of those years and showing me what God really look like here on earth.  Keep listening to God and being obedient.  Because if you don't, it may cost someone their life!  I am so glad you were obedient when you told me about Him.  Where would I be today had you not showed Him to me - "I don't know!"  God is still using you to bless people.  You are truly a blessing to a lot of people.  You introduced me to Christ and you continue to disciple me to be the Christian wife and mother that I am today.  I am so grateful to have you in my life as my Spiritual Leader, Mentor, and Friend
- Andrea Hayes

I thank God for these testimonies and they are truly a blessing.  It is not about me, but GOD the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  In Him, I live, move and have my being.  Father God, continue to use me Lord for your Glory.  Allow me to be your mouthpiece, your servant, and your vessel.  I love you Lord with all of my heart and I am so grateful that you have chosen me to do a work for you.  Let everything I do, be pleasing in your sight.  You are the Lord of Lord, King of Kings, The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, and The First and The Last.  Amen!
- Minister Chimain Douglas, a servant and vessel for God.
Chimain Douglas Ministries "Setting the People Free"

We were blessed that you were able to come and share the anointing of God with us this weekend at our 1st Women's Conference.  God has His hands on you and you are more than willing to bless others with the power He has given you.  Our goal was to change people's lives and without a doubt you, along with God and all the other women who played a part on that program, helped us to meet our goal.  You have no idea Chimain how much you blessed us and we told every women yesterday who was unable to attend the conference that they missed a blessing.  We will see you next year at our next conference.
First Lady, Dessie McCree
Pastor Ronald McCree
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama 

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